Looking For The Perfect Cleanser?

As someone who has struggled with redness and sensitivities throughout my life, it’s hard to find products that work effectively without causing me problems. I’ve tried a ton of products from drugstores, department stores, and industry trade shows, but I always find myself going back to my trusty TLC Foaming Cleanser from Lash Affair. Although I don’t have lash extensions anymore, TLC is my go-to cleanser for removing a full face of makeup at the end of a long day. Here’s why I love it:


I’ve used gel and cream cleansers in the past that seem to leave a film after rinsing, but TLC rinses off well and my skin feels really clean afterwards. I’ve also noticed that it lasts a long time! It’s easy to use too much product with gels and creams. Foam, however, makes it easy to use just the right amount. The consistency of the foam is rich and covers my entire face with only one or two pumps. Less than 2 oz doesn’t seem like a lot of product, but I’ve been using my current bottle every night for the last month and I still have half a bottle left! When my bottle is empty, I like to upcycle the bottle with this awesome alcohol-free hand sanitizer recipe. 


The TLC Cleanser has a light and refreshing smell that lingers just long enough to enjoy. It smells clean without having an overwhelming perfumed scent that can be found in other cleansers. The tea tree that it’s made with is what gives that uplifting herbal essence I just can’t get enough of.

This is a winning combination for my skin post wax or anytime a pesky pimple comes up!


Because the TLC Cleanser is made with tea tree, it has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. My skin is typically on the dryer side and I don’t usually suffer from acne flare ups or breakouts, but I do occasionally experience blemishes. My blemishes usually occur after waxing or during that time of the month. There’s not much that any cleanser can do for hormonal acne, but waxing opens the follicles in your skin and bacteria can easily penetrate and multiply. To help reduce the chances of breakouts I always cleanse with TLC and follow up with a little bit of witch hazel and cbd oil. This is a winning combination for my skin post wax or anytime a pesky pimple comes up!

Simply put, the TLC Foaming Cleanser is one gentle, yet powerful product every girl or guy needs on their counter. Have you tried this cleanser yet? If not, don’t just take my word for it, get a bottle to see the benefits for yourself!

Sydney Farrell
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